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Go fishing.
Help build a stone path at a park.
Act in a school play.
Answer the phone and take messages in the school office.
Help kids practice their reading.
Be the banker when playing board games.
Run for a class office.
Clean and bandage a child's wounds.
Take visitors to see the sights in your town.
Listen to and help someone with a problem.
Help install software programs on your classroom computer.
Gather evidence to figure out who left a gift in your locker.
Visit a factory to see how an assembly line works.
Sell cookies to raise money.
Solve math or logic puzzles.
Use a road map or an app to plan a route to another city.
Plant new trees in a forest after a fire.
Build a bookshelf.
Draw pictures.
Organize your schoolwork into folders.
Help a friend find a book in the library.
Lend money and keep track of payments.
Work on the student council.
Take care of an injured animal.
Bake and decorate a cake.
Assist with religious services.
Help a friend learn to use new software.
Watch crime shows on TV.
Install a new lock on your home's front door.
Sell your old toys and games at a yard sale.
Create a model volcano.
Take a driver's safety class.
Plant and maintain a vegetable garden at school.
Help plan a bedroom for a friend.
Sing in a band.
Help plan a school fundraiser.
Teach little kids how to tie their shoes.
Keep track of money for a school project.
Count ballots for student council elections.
Watch medical shows on TV.
Plan a birthday party for a friend.
Style a friend's hair.
Figure out why a computer is not working.
Put out a fire using a fire extinguisher.
Assemble model airplanes.
Ask people questions for a class project.
Watch science shows on TV.
Help change the oil in a car.
Collect plastic bottles and recycle them.
Set up circuits using an electronics kit.
Take pictures for the school website.
Assign people parts of a class project.
Teach art at a summer camp.
Open a savings account and keep track of the money added and taken out.
Check that other students are using tools properly in woodshop.
Be a first aid volunteer at a school event.
Prepare dinner for your family.
Take care of a three-year-old child after school.
Help design your school's website.
Talk with first graders about not playing with matches and lighters.
Refinish a dresser for your room.
Ask people to sponsor you in a walk-a-thon.
Build paper airplanes and figure out which one flies the greatest distance.
Tighten the chain or do other maintenance on a bike.
Figure out how to keep bugs away from plants.
Help build the set for a school play.
Write stories or poems.
Run a lemonade stand.
Help coach a T-ball team.
Make a plan for how you will spend your money.
Make sure others follow the rules when playing games.
Help care for a family member who has a broken leg.
Be the referee at a soccer match.
Settle disputes between friends.
Design a computer game.
Participate in the neighborhood watch program.
Repair a computer.
Get people to sign a petition.
Research the water quality at your school.
Wash and wax a car.
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Adapted from a career planning component of the intoCareers Career Information System(2017 ver.).